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We are here for your care

At Redwood Polycare we believe in preserving African culture and diversity. We are currently establishing our programs in Sierraleone, and Ghana. We develop and empower our subscribers because this is the essence of health and wellbeing. Our programs promote productivity and cost savings, and this is why we give our subscribers numeous reasons to be happy

We are here for your care.

Urban Community Program

At Redwood Polycare, we believe that healthcare coverage should be an integrated program that improves key components of life-style, wellness and productivity.

About Us
About Us

Health System Innovators

At Redwood Polycare, our expert teams are creative, visionary, strategic, and focused industry pioneers with systems thinking skills, and health industry expertise.

We strive to offer customer-focused healthcare. This means that we are committed to offering services that consider cultural diversities, values, unique preferences and socioeconomic needs.

Furthermore, our research based approach to healthcare delivery systems helps us to constantly review emerging evidence that supports product development and innovation.

Why Join the Urban Community?

Through our remote monitoring systems, 60% of community subscribers with chronic conditions achieved better health parameters within 6 months

On account of our pro active dietary and nutritional programs, members reported a 50% reduction in episodes of illness during the course of the year 2020

Over 90% of our subscribers expressed a high degree of satisfaction with cost savings on groceries and fresh farm produce between 2018 and 2021

100% flexibility to receive services from hospitals, of your choice

Our Achievements


Over 1200 families, in Nigeria and Benin Republic have benefited from our community programs between 2018 and 2021 .

Asset Financing

Our Community health insurance program has financed over 2 million naira worth of assets since 2019

Grocery Benefits

Up to 3 million naira worth of groceries purchased yearly and delivered to subscribers along with fresh farm produce, since 2018

Superior Outcomes

Our program has recorded excellent maternal and child health outcomes with lower than 1% complication rates since the inception of the program in 2018

Our Mission is to offer innovative services which integrate preventive medicine, healthy eating, social benefits, complimentary medicine, and telemedicine technology; such that our services promote wellness, and improved productivity

Our Mission