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We are currently running a unique community-based health insurance model (CBHi)

Redwood Polycare is currently running a game-changing community based health insurance model (CBHI) which not only provides access to health care , but also addresses compounding socio-economic issues related to the SDGs ( sustainable development goals)

For example our assets program for rural communities allows members to acquire industrial equipment and household appliances after paying a portion of the total cost of the asset and repaying the balance after purchase

We currently offer food benefits in the form of family baskets and plan to provide Fresh and packaged foods Our ultimate vision is to ensure that our rural subscribers become wealthy through asset acquisition and wealth generation schemes We also aim to implement our Tele-medicine mobile phone technology program in order to improve outcomes for people with acute illnesses and persons with chronic conditions We have local NGOs and international bodies who also direct and support our CBHI project.

Benefits of our Rural Program (Agricare)


Hospital Care

Home Based Care

Grocery Benefit

Disabilility Benefits

Crowd Funding

For Farming Programs

Educational Grants

Prescription Medications

Asset Acquisition

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