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Why our ‘Urban community’ is much more than a Health Insurance Scheme

At Redwood Polycare, we believe that healthcare coverage should be an integrated program that improves key components of life-style, wellness and productivity. In contrast to social security schemes typically found in Europe and the USA, which provide, credit cards, food stamps, educational grants, and a range of other health and social benefits, African nations tend to be limited to ‘sick care’ alone.

However, according to the World Health Organization, health is directly linked to good nutrition, healthy lifestyles, social wellbeing, safe housing, and financial protection. This is why our Urban Community programs offer a wide range of benefits that promote good nutrition, credit schemes, preventive health, and remote chronic disease management systems Our long term goals also include affordable housing, school/ college grants and much more. We currently have several dependents on our scholarship program. We also support self-development courses for professional, & sandwich college course funding. We can provide onsite training in any area of Management

Benefits of our Urban Program


Grocery Benefit

Hospital Care

Fitness Benefit

Complimentary Medicine

Herbal Supplements and Aromatherapy

Complimentary Medicine


Organic Skin-Care Program

Asset Acquisition

Disabilility Benefits

Educational Grants

Prescription Medications

Mobile Health Records

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